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You're an entrepreneur, freelancer, coach, consultant, blogger, or creator sharing your content for free and wondering how to make consistent revenue. Yes, that was me years ago trying to figure out how to keep my business afloat while sharing so much content and not seeing a difference in my bank account.

  • You're tired of spending hours creating content & sharing information on social media with nothing to show for your hard work.
  • You're worried about how to maintain your expenses in between sales or projects.
  • You want to make your content and posts count for something more than just followers.

Stop zero earning months & get the power
of monetizing your content.

In this New 7-Day Monetize Content Challenge, you will...


Optimize to earn with your content

This is not a templated approach. I show you how to earn money from all the information and knowledge you already have from repurposing to design to creating your first product on day 1.


Leverage social media

Start posting and sharing with a purpose—to engage, grow, and earn.


Win with Affiliate Marketing

Through an agile approach, I show you a quick roadmap to create content and monetize it with ethical affiliate marketing with an easy 4-step system.


Get Secrets to Monetize Your Content

Get the 5 secrets (shh!🤫) I use to consistently boost content monetization and earn weekly.


Master Traffic = Money

Get my proven step-by-step process to build traffic to your content.


Get Easy Monetization Tools

Get the easy tools to distribute & monetize your content!


Plan— Launch—Monetize

Save time monetizing your content with the action plan template in the workbook!

During this 7-Day Monetize Content
Challenge You'll Love...

(Value = $197)

Follow the daily emails and videos. Follow along with your fillable workbook to help you quickly put the strategies into action.

(Value = $75)

Checklists and done-for-you templates so you can start monetizing your content faster.

(Value = $87)

Get three bonuses to help you perfectly position monetize what you know today!

This 7-Day Challenge is delivered by email and video. Take quick action with the videos, workbook, templates, checklists, and everything you need to successfully monetize your content.  


  • Imagine your life in 1 month’s time when you have more consistent money flowing in, and dozens of happy audience members attracted to you daily.
  • Imagine having an audience who appreciates your content and feels happy to pay for your content, products, and services.
  • Imagine how good it feels to drop the content creation stress and make the impact you’ve always desired and be compensated for it.

Ready for the challenge?

Hi, I'm Sherry—The Biz Starter🚀 and you're in the right place to fast-track monetizing your content. I've been in business, consulting, and creating programs for over 20 years for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. When I started Think Design Ed, my goal was to build a business that was sustainable. To do that I found a way to monetize my content and knowledge. The result?

I've grown my business and have helped thousands of others monetize their knowledge all over the globe. If you're struggling to find a way to monetize your content, you'll love how you get the monetizing strategies, without all the fluff—so you can take action to earn with your content in this 7-Day Monetize Content Challenge!

Start making money with your content, knowledge, and expertise!

You're in luck! This 7-Day Challenge is available for a limited time.

"I’m so excited to see where I will be in one week, or even a month from now! I had been searching for advice on how to monetize my content everywhere, and nothing has been as clear, or as quick to produce results as this challenge. I highly recommend it!"    

—Jennifer, Blogger

What people are saying about the challenge

I just wanted to thank you for your 7-day challenge on monetizing content. Finally, a way to make my content and posts make money for me. I'm only on day 4 and I have already made $200 from my blog. I used your template to make my first ebook. It’s amazing that you offer this challenge for free."-Erin, Freelancer

"Fully actionable steps! I was able to earn money with my content in my email marketing, social posts, digital products, and my Linktree page in 7 days. The workbook made it easy to take action. The challenge had tips I wish I had when I started, but I'm happy I have it now!"
- Gwen, Technical Writer

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You're in luck! This 7-Day Challenge is available for a limited time.
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