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New customers cost A LOT of time and money.

Existing customers are over 65% more likely to buy from you and cost 7x less than acquiring new customers. Entrepreneurs who sell products and services are in the perfect position to get repeat business and spend less marketing dollars. I'll show you how to you get them to come back and buy from you again and again in the
5-Day Challenge to Boost Repeat Sales!

Maybe you are
guilty of...

  • Overwhelming new customers with too much information. 
  • Neglecting customers after they purchase from you.
  • Not being aware of if your customers received the value they purchased from you.  
  • Not having customer onboarding or your process is all automated. 

Stop leaving money on the table
 and get more repeat sales.

In this New 5-Day Challenge to Boost Repeat Sales, you will...


Define & Draft Your Customer Onboarding Strategy

I show you how to envision and detail your customer's journey. You will identify customer retaining goals and key metrics to build your plan to get repeat sales on Day 1.


Create Your First 30-Day Content Plan

Build the map for your customer's first 30-day journey. You will develop the onboarding content,  schedule, and steps your customers go through at this most important time of the customer relationship.


Leverage Automation to Save Time & Money

I show you how to work smarter with automation and leverage personalization to win over your customers, making repeat sales easy. 


Get the Secrets to my Post-Purchase Method

Get all the juicy secrets (shh!🤫) to the Post-Purchase Method I use to get more sales and referrals from customers. Build customer relationships and cultivate a reputation of delivering on product/service promises.


Master Creating WoW Opportunities 

Learn how to naturally warm up your customers for your other offers.

During this 5-Day Challenge to
Boost Repeat Sales You'll Love...

(Value = $247)

Follow the daily challenge lessons, emails and videos. Each day ends with an action item for you to complete to help you quickly reach your goal for repeat sales. 

worksheetS &  template
(Value = $97)

Daily worksheets to create, plan, and launch your customer onboarding process. Done-for-you template to build your touchpoint timeline for repeat business success.


Get access to the exclusive online community. Share your wins, get feedback and meet other entrepreneurs. You also get access to exclusive in-community bonuses ($459+ Value) to help you get repeat sales!  

Yes! You could be celebrating repeat
sales by the end of the week. 

Total Value = $1,126

In the 5-Day Challenge to Boost Repeat Sales you get daily support, videos, worksheets, templates, checklist and access to the online community
everything you need to be successful and get repeat business.  
Build your customer onboarding plan today so you can get repeat sales, testimonials, loyal customers, and a consistently profitable business!


  • Imagine your life in 2 weeks time when you have customers reaching out to you to buy more of your offers. 
  • Imagine when you have customers who feel well cared for who send you referrals.  
  • Imagine how good it feels to and less stressed you'll feel when you increase customer retention and increase profits.

"Brilliantly organized! I was able to keep up with each day of the challenge and build my new customer onboarding process. It's been a month since I launched and I've already gotten repeat business from several of my customer! Thank you so much!"    


Ready for the challenge?

Hi, I'm Sherry—The Biz Starter🚀 and you're in the right place to fast-track your goal to get repeat business. I've been in business, consulting, and creating programs for over 20 years for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. When I started Think Design Ed, my goal was to build a business with longevity. To do that I learned the power of the post-purchase experience. The result?

I've grown my business and have helped thousands of others build customer onboarding processes all over the globe. If you're struggling to get repeat business from your customers, you'll love learning how you can get repeat business without having to spend more dollars to get more business in this  5-Day Challenge to Boost Repeat Sales!

What people are saying about the challenge...

"Exactly what I needed! Sherry over-delivered in this 5-Day Challenge. She provided all the information I needed to create, plan, and systemize my customer onboarding strategy. I just launched and I already see a huge increase in referrals from my coaching clients. This is going to be a game-changer for my business."

"I loved this challenge! Sherry's approach is so refreshing and real! It was very practical and easy to integrate into my small retail business.  Thanks for a clear and amazing breakdown of what I need to learn to get repeat business from my customers."

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