The Untold Secret To Increase Sales Without Spending Hours on Calls

Here are some juicy nuggets to help you decide if offering webinars are for you.

Offering a free webinar to your audience is a fantastic way to increase the sales of your products and services. I’m sure you’ve been invited to attend a webinar or signed up for a recorded webinar. Webinars are great because you have the chance to give your audience a small or large quick win. Something they can use and put into action now…not months from now.

In the most basic form, webinars are critical to your content marketing strategy. Remember, with content marketing, you offer free content with no strings attached to build a relationship with them. Just like posts, tweets, lead magnets, or other free opt-ins. Giving away this free content helps you attract many leads into your sales funnel. If you are successful in offering real solutions, you have a chance to build a solid, trusting relationship with your audience. You build your relationship with them and then offer your products and services. Nurturing the relationship increases the chance they will buy your products and services.

Webinar Topics

The first step is to select a topic that will offer value and drive your audience to take action. As with any content marketing, you want to research the topic that will solve your audience’s most burning problem. Identify topics in articles, publications, social media, and industry leader discussions that can help your audience. Listen to conversations in online forums, spaces, and networking events. Try your best to predict topics that will be trending for your audience in the immediate future.

Repurpose Content

Take a look back on the content that you’ve already created. Curate any threads, cheat sheets, and tips you’ve already created that you received positive feedback on. You can also use a short blog post that you can expand on as a good starting point for a webinar.

Passion Project

Think about something you are excited about that can help your audience solve a problem. Talking about something you are passionate about comes through your webinar, course, or training. Before heading down this path, ensure it’s a topic that interests your audience and gets them excited.

Ask Your Audience

One of the best ways to get ideas is to ask your audience. Post a poll on social media or send a poll to existing leads and customers. When you begin to hold webinars frequently, you can also ask your audience what other topics they like to know more about.

Test your idea by asking your members if they want to know more about the topic. Clarify your topic using feedback. The best practice is offering a webinar, course, or training aligned with your expertise and super-relevant to your audience.

Tech Savviness Not Required

Whichever platform you select, make sure it matches your tech knowledge level. The market has dozens of platforms available for holding webinars. When making your selection make sure you focus on the ease of use because you need to learn how to use it long before you start planning your webinar. A few popular platforms are Zoom, WebinarJam, WebinarNinja, Loom, and Demio. Each of these platforms has more than enough features for your event. If you find any of these options lacking features, you can expand your search to more complex platforms.

My favorite platforms are Zoom and Everwebinar, the evergreen option of webinars because of the ease of use and affordability.


Avoid overwhelming yourself by getting new tech tools to deliver your webinar. You probably already have the additional tools you need, like a computer camera. You’ll also need a reliable Internet connection and a quiet space with no distractions to deliver and record your webinar, course, or training. Sound quality is very important in webinars, so invest in an external microphone. The best practice is to use what you already have and upgrade later if needed.

The value of your webinar isn’t based on high-tech and expensive bells and whistles. The value is in the content that helps your audience solve their problem. Put your focus into having a smooth event knowing it will get easier with experience.

Simplicity Wins

Keep the tech simple so that you can concentrate on the content and delivering the webinar. For example, you may want to avoid polls, surveys, or chats during the presentation. Instead, you may want to have Q&A at the end of the presentation. Try not to focus too much on features that may create additional challenges during the webinar. Practice, practice, practice. You’ll need to run through your presentation; try doing this with live guests. You can ask a team member, peer, family, or friend to do this. They can give you feedback and help to find any possible technical issues before you have real participants join. If you are delivering a live event, you may want someone with you to handle any issues that arise during the live event.

Monetizing A Paid Webinar

If you decide to charge for the webinar, keep in mind that there are thousands of free content and educational opportunities.

You could also pitch a product or service at the end of the webinar. Make sure it is at the end after you have provided valuable information to your audience. Getting more people to sign up for a free webinar is easier than a paid event. Nevertheless, a lot of work goes into presenting a webinar, so you may feel it’s necessary to charge for it, especially if you have a guest speaker or sponsor.

While sharing your knowledge, solving a problem, and showing them how to do something, you can then talk about a product or service you offer that is relevant to the topic.

Depending on the length and the level of transformation you provide for your audience, you can charge the average range of $40 - $150. There are webinars that are offered as high as $1,000 and come with sponsorship from a Fortune 500 company.

Monetize a Free Webinar

You have the option to offer the webinar for free or to charge a fee for attendance. This is the best way to get the most out of it. The great part about offering a free webinar is that you can record it, make it evergreen, and continue to offer it to build leads. Using the webinar in your marketing mix can help you boost your sales. Here are the best ways to leverage a free webinar:

  • Tie Your Content in with Your Products and Services. Your webinar should solve a problem that your products and services can solve. You can even show your participants how to solve a problem themselves and offer your products and services to help them solve it easier and faster.
      • Offer True Value to Your Audience. Pack as much value into your free webinar as you possibly can. If you were able to help them and provide value, they’ll buy from you whenever they need your products.
      • Keep in Touch With Participants. End your webinars showing people how to contact you. Stay on their radar and create opportunities to stay in touch, the more likely they’ll buy from you.
      • Offer Incentives. Offer exclusive incentives to your webinar, courses, and training to give more value and thank your participants. This could be a discount, access to exclusive content, or anything else you think they could use.

      The main idea behind content marketing is to provide genuine help and educate your audience. Give your expertise and experience to help other people solve their problems. You don’t have to be pushy with your products and services on them. If you provide value and build a strong relationship through your webinar, they’ll buy from you when they’re ready.

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