8 Easy Strategies to Level Up Your Business and Get Clients

Over the years, the most popular question I have gotten is, “Sherry, how do I get clients for my business?” This question is usually followed up with, “how do I get leads to my website and convert them into customers?”

The fun fact to remember is that, yes, social media is essential to your overall digital strategy, but what’s even more important is where you send them to…yes, your website or your landing page. It will have the most significant impact on how you get new clients.

In this post, I will share eight helpful strategies you can use to generate more business and grow your client base.

1. Create a Blog for Your Business

    Creating a blog for your business and adding it to your website becomes something powerful—a traffic magnet. Developing a blog for your business helps with search engines because it provides fresh, new content and more keywords. More importantly, it’s the perfect channel to show your expertise in your niche. You can address customer pain points, discuss solutions, and build authority.

    Blogging is the perfect way to ATTRACT new clients to your business.

    There is one caveat…you must be able to either

    ➡️Constantly create content with an infinite supply of topics to write about.

    ➡️Or, hire a good copywriter.

      You could also use guest bloggers, but that defeats the purpose of showing “your expertise.” Keep an ongoing list of ideas and correlate them to your audience, their needs, and possible solutions to their problems. Pay close attention to social media, the topics your audience discusses, and their questions. This has worked well for me over the years, answering questions I get with a blog post.

      2. Keyword Optimization

      Help search engines by using keywords on your site. This includes blog posts, newsletters, and content on your website. The content on your site should be search engine optimized with relevant keywords that will attract traffic. Try using a keyword tool like Semrush, Ubersuggest, or Long Tail Pro. These tools are great for helping you find good keywords and focus on long-tail keywords. These are important because longer phrases and sentences have less competition. You can also do similar keyword research on social media sites. For example, you can search on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., for hashtags related to a topic in your niche.

      Did you know people on social media platforms are looking for the services you offer?


      You can search for these individuals for words and phrases related to your niche and product. Search for a hashtag a potential client would use if they were searching for you.

      3. Add Social Proof

        I love this option. Just think about it…people are reluctant to purchase something no one else wants. Social proof is content that illustrates how you’ve helped other people successfully solve their problems. One example of social proof is testimonials from past clients. The best way to get testimonials is to ask people you've worked with before if they are willing to give you the feedback you can use as a testimonial on your website or landing page.

        4. Personalize with Video Content

        Have you ever purchased something from someone you never saw? Well, not in person, but not on video, where you can see if you like or trust them. Video has a way of quickly building trust with your audience. Either they will like you, or they won’t. The best gamble is on building trust by letting them hear and see you speak.

        Create a short video of you talking to the viewer. It’s magical because it instantly humanizes your business. You’re not just a logo. Let your audience know a real person is working behind the scenes and care about solving their problems. Keep the video short and simple. Introduce yourself and your business, and tell them about the product or service you have for them. Show the value you offer. Here is an example of a simple video I did to tell people about my newsletter, The Biz Starter with Sherry.

        5. Be Consistent on Social Media

          The more you share content and engage on social media, the easier it is to connect with your audience, find your tribe, build relationships, and learn about your audience’s problems so you can solve them.

          Create a strategy that involves you posting consistently, replying, engaging, searching, and interacting with your connections, while also providing value.

          If you’re unsure what to post, the best practice is to post content that shows your expertise and solves problems for your audience.

          I can’t emphasize enough that most of your content should be informational, not promotional. No one wants to engage with someone constantly trying to sell them something.

          Focus first on building social trust and nurturing relationships.

          If they find value in the information you share, they will take a closer look to see your offers to see if it’s something they need.

          You may be asking…”Sherry, I’m too busy to spend all day on the socials.”

          Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend hours on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, IG, etc. There are many tools available to help you plan and schedule posts. For example, I use Hypefury to schedule posts across all my social media platforms. Here are some of the things they help you do…

          ✔️Automatically RTs your best tweets

          ✔️Copy and paste large amounts of texts to automatically create a thread

          ✔️Auto-comment your newsletter, course, or website below tweets that do well

          ✔️Auto posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

            The goal is to share value and schedule posts across all platforms, so you can spend more time engaging with your audience.

            Add call-to-actions that will bring your audience back to your blog, newsletter, website, landing page, etc.

            The goal is to get your followers off the platform. 

            6. Offer a Free Information Product

            Create a lead magnet full of valuable information and give it away for free on your website and your social media profiles. You can place the freebie on your website as a download. This could be an eBook, checklist, template, report, etc., that offers your target market something value that solves a problem they have. Giving away a free informational product shows your expertise and allows your lead to start a relationship with you and experience your offer with no risk. Your audience with giving you their name and email address in exchange for the free download.

            Explain your offer and make your call to action clear. Once they provide this information, they enter your sales funnel, and you can send them the freebie and content by email to further nurture them. Be clear about what you need them to do so they can get the benefits you’ve promised. Try experimenting with your words for your call to action, check your opt-in rates, and see what wording performs best with your specific audience. Here are the best practices to get more opens, clicks, and sales.

            7. Work Smarter, Not Harder

            I remember when I first learned how to work smarter, not harder.🤗

            Every entrepreneur has been there…the point where you use multiple strategies all at once without monitoring what is or is not working.

            The challenge here is the lack of review of your analytics. Set a monthly time to check your opt-in, conversion rates, and website traffic analytics.

            Reviewing your analytics helps you quickly adjust your social media and website strategy, so you avoid wasting time on anything that isn’t working. Check out what I do in my weekly business checks. With a routine-check in place, you will have a website and social media that converts traffic into clients.

            8. Don’t Spam.

            I’ve added one thing you should not do—spam your audience and leads from website traffic. I’ve noticed an uptick in spamming from participants in online forums like Twitter Spaces, LinkedIn Lives, and Facebook Groups. Some people join these online forums for the sole purpose of spamming others. Don’t be that person!

            Other things to avoid…

            • Don’t post the same comment and links multiple times in these online forums

            • Don’t promote yourself if not permitted to do so.

            • Don’t fake friend people to sell to them. Build genuine relationships instead.

            If you build good relationships, you will attract business. You can attract your ideal client in online forums if you don’t spam or use a salesy approach.

            The best practice is to keep things positive. Think before you post and check for tone. This is not a place to make enemies. Avoid controversial comments that may be upsetting to others. Instead, stay on topic and be positive.

            Do you want to learn more about how to get clients? Check out my course, How to Get More Clients: Secrets to Grow Your Service Business, which teaches you how to quickly build a system to consistently get more clients without a huge audience, chasing leads, feeling pushy, and spending hours on discovery calls in 30 days or LESS!

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