Bridging Dreams and Reality.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner in turning dreams into successful businesses, one entrepreneur at a time. Our vision is to serve and educate entrepreneurs every step in their journey to learn, build, and grow successful businesses. 

Why we help entrepreneurs...

When you buy from a small business you’re not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his team jersey, a mom put food on the table, a dad pay a mortgage or a student pay for college.(Unknown)

Imagine how it feels to do what you love and have every resource you need at your fingertips! 

At Think Design Ed, we guide you through an easy process to help you put your growth, positioning, and monetization strategies into action so you don't have to worry about consistent business growth again.

Who do we work with?


We help new and seasoned entrepreneurs start and grow their business,



We work with full-time, and part-time, content creators, copywriters, virtual assistants, bloggers, web designers, marketing professionals, and moonlighters.


Coaches & Consultants

This includes, but not limited to life, spiritual, wealth, business, human resource, relationship, and mental health coaches and consultants.


Transitioning Professionals 

We work with motivated transitioning professionals seeking to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey. 


Sherry—The Biz Starter

Co-Founder | Business Strategist

Sherry is a veteran entrepreneur and multiple award-winning curriculum and instructional design executive with a proven record of success in business building.

Over 25 years ago Sherry owned and operated a franchise agency in Illinois. She quickly expanded her office and discovered her passion for training her staff to cross sell and retain customers. Fast-forward 5 years she sold her book of business back to the franchiser and negotiated a consulting contract with their competitor and national company to design courses and train their staff.

Sherry also became a continuing education provider for licensed title agents in 7 states and co-owned a title insurance company in Silver Spring, MD. She has a Ph.D. in Learning Management, M.Ed. in Instructional Design & Technology and a M.A. in Business. Over the years she's had several roles at learning institutions across the country and continued to provide consulting services globally.

Her unique dual background in business and instructional design, provides a unique value for the firm's clients who are freelancers, entrepreneurs, and transitioning professionals. She is passionate about helping people succeed in their business.  

Meet our wonderful team...


Team Consultant- Design


Team Consultant - Service


Team Consultant - Marketing


Team Assistant

and a host of fantastic freelancers, contract designers, and our partners who work behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

What our customers say...

“I was so tired of searching online for the best way get more sales. I had no idea how to cross-sell my customers, where to post my offers, and how to get repeat business. It was really frustrating because I would sell my hand-made jewelry to a customer and never hear from them again.

I worked with Sherry on my systems strategy. With her help it was easy to grow my business get referrals, and repeat business. I have a system in place that takes my customers from purchase, orientation, packaging, shipping, to repeat business ”


“I was worried about keeping my business with so little sales. After I met with Sherry, I felt so much better about what to do next to save my business, because I had a plan to fill the gaps in my busines.

The Next-Level program was a life-saver because I got the guidance I needed to finally be successful. Their customer onboarding process was fantastic. I felt like I was more than just another customer. I referred my friend and they are helping her too"

Brand Coach

"The team at Think Design Ed helped me expand my business from teaching yoga in a studio, to selling online courses and my custom branded products. It feels great to to have more than one stream of revenue.  
I first signed up for the Course Creator Workshop. Then I scheduled a few strategy sessions with Sherry. 90 days later, I had a online shop, sold-out webinars, and 20 people enrolled in my online yoga course. Thank you Sherry and Angela!"

Yoga Expert

Are you ready to monetize your passions and start or grow your business?